Hidden Relics

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Hidden Relics

A priceless seek-and-find adventure!
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Game Info & Requirements

Hidden Relics

Help Adrianna evade an evil thief as she travels the globe to locate stolen antiques. Find items in each scene and play mini-games to gather gadgets that will aid you in your quest. The full version of Hidden Relics features:

  • Different items to find each time
  • Exciting mini-games
  • Gadgets to help your search

Discover a world of fun in this exciting seek-and-find adventure! Play now!


Find the items listed for each scene.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows Me/2000/XP/Vista
450 MHz processor
128 MB RAM
DirectX 7
16 MB video RAM


Developed by: Toy Box Games™

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.84
  • 3.84
Anonymous - Jun 28, 2015 -
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Anonymous - Aug 22, 2012 -
A lot of objects too difficult or impossible to find, limited hints, stuck when out of hints. Not worth the trouble. Why limited hints, gamemakers?!! What good is being stuck going to do?!!
Anonymous - Apr 21, 2012 -
Nothing pretentious about this game, just honest HO play. Lots of fun and I even replayed it a couple of times.
Anonymous - Sep 9, 2010 -
a little tedious to find the small objects. haven't finished but didn't uninstall might finish sometime...
Anonymous - Feb 25, 2010 -
Not bad, but dont care for HOG's that insist on timing me. Relaxing is the whole point. Makes you also search for items you can't see without "gadgets"- that you must earn doing ALOT of brain-puzzles. I never earned them all. The comic storyline was sort of dorky. Its a plus that you can find another hint per level. There are quite a few detailed locations & they throw in minigames at the end of each chapter. Looking for a shockwave forum?Go to shockwave's FB page!


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