Heavy Metal Girl

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Anonymous - Apr 27, 2016 -
Game is great, reminds me of a game i played before, it was just ike this..... maybe it was this..... idk, it was on dragongamez.... BUT ANYWAY GAME IS GREAT, LOVE MUSIC? LOVE KILLING ALIENS? LOVE GUITARS? LOVE USING GUITARS TO MAKE MUSIC TO KILL ALIENS... THIS IS FOR YOU
Anonymous - Feb 5, 2016 -
I so love music so I so love this
Anonymous - Jan 26, 2014 -
Awesome game!
Anonymous - Dec 22, 2013 -
kiss my ***ing *** heavy metal *** girl
Anonymous - Nov 24, 2013 -
its a very good game to play if you want to pass time and the controls are like any other game.


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