Hatch the Unicorn

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Anonymous - Oct 12, 2015 -
Anonymous - Sep 30, 2015 -
It reminds me of 2048, same concept. Cute, but it would be easier to play if using the arrow keys didn't also move the whole page.
Anonymous - Sep 29, 2015 -
Interesting game concept & would like to like it more but it desperately needs work. EXCEEDINGLY SLOW to load & then pieces DON'T move as the Instructions indicate, whether using a mouse or the arrow keys. In game instructions make no sense what soever. Sorry. Unless loading & movement issues get resolved, can't exactly say that this will join my Favorites list. DB2
Anonymous - Sep 27, 2015 -
cute, fun matching style. Not very complicated or stressfull.
Anonymous - Sep 23, 2015 -
Still not loading!!!!!??????


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