Gnomes Garden 3: The Thief of Castles

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Gnomes Garden 3: The Thief of Castles

Chase down the castle snatcher!
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Game Info & Requirements

Gnomes Garden 3: The Thief of Castles

The gnome princess has finally come home. She managed to make peace with the trolls and befriend their queen, but back home evil was afoot: a warlock collector stole the gnome monarch's castle along with the royal family! Help the princess gather a team and save her loved ones!


Use the mouse to complete all of the assigned tasks for each level. See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
1.0 GHz processor
DirectX 9.0c
128 MB video RAM
200 MB free disk space


Developed by: 8 Floor Games

Ratings & Reviews

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  • 3.89
  • 3.89
Anonymous - May 30, 2019 -
Love this game but. just like the first two in the series, i found getting 3 stars was just too easy. I think it was difficult on the last level, lol.
Anonymous - Aug 18, 2016 -
Can't get past level 8! I need 6 stones to get to the Sorceress but I can only get more stones USING to Sorceress. What am I missing?
Anonymous - Aug 16, 2016 -
Story was lame, but otherwise a great game. Most of the levels were easily achievable, which was nice since there was no "relax mode." Cute music, lots of play.
Anonymous - Aug 11, 2016 -
This is perfect! Just enough challenge to make it worth playing without being so tough you need to play six times to get gold. Some levels require you look at the path you will take so you do not run out of resources. This is what makes it a better time management game than most. It is not about how fast you can click, unless you are catching the gnomes! Well worth the time to download and play.
Anonymous - Aug 11, 2016 -
Level 48 is a time challenge. Use the stop time bonus and get the altars complete, keep them empty. Do not light the signal fire.


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