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Anonymous - Nov 12, 2020 -
Am becoming slightly addicted to this game, but am also thoroughly annoyed with the fact that we get thrown back to lvl 1 AFTER completing lvl 25. Yes, there is Glassez2, BUT it has puzzles that are infinitely more detailed and, often, a pain in the rear to complete. AND, it's the same at the developer's site, w**lg*mes. Can anyone make a suggestion to the higher-ups? DB2
Anonymous - Nov 11, 2020 -
terisgames: You can select the MENU button in the lower right corner. This will bring up a dialog box from which you can resume the game when you return. Am having fun with this one, but DISLIKE being thrown back to level 1 all the time. DB2
Anonymous - Nov 10, 2020 -
How about adding a PAUSE button. Sometimes we have to walk away from the game.
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