Gardenscapes 2

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Categories: Hidden Object
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Anonymous - Jul 9, 2020 -
got stuck trying to "wash the dishes" - no amount of clicking worked and used 3 hints to see if I was in the right place. Used to love the original but not this.
Anonymous - Feb 16, 2020 -
A guitar IS a musical instrument!
Anonymous - Oct 8, 2019 -
I've downloaded 3 time can't play -- short cut connect doesn't install would like to play other "platrix" won't install?? reinstall pass word -NO help //
Anonymous - Oct 2, 2019 -
I really enjoyed this game! Loved the characters, scenery, story. I agree with Ladybug, but this adds to the challenge! Wish there were more like this....
Anonymous - Sep 15, 2018 -
I`m afraid I have to agree with ladybug, if that is a "mop" in other places in the world, just what do you call a real mop??


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