FunPark Beach Blast

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FunPark Beach Blast

Thrills, spills, and time management skills!
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Game Info & Requirements

FunPark Beach Blast

You've got the best summer job around! Use your cool head and fast feet to run an amusement park in this game chock full of thrills, spills, and challenges to your time management skills. Run exciting rides, like the roller coaster and Poseidon's Revenge, keep thrill-seekers happy with extras like cotton candy, and improve the park to keep the fun flowing. But don't forget to put some cash aside for your college tuition! The full version of FunPark Beach Blast features:

  • 40 fast and furious levels
  • Colorful characters, like Greasers and Beatniks
  • Lots of park upgrades and extras

Experience the ups and downs of amusement park life when you download the free trial of FunPark Beach Blast today!


Use the mouse to meet your manager's daily objectives, keep the guests happy, and keep the cash flowing.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7
1.0 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
32 MB video RAM
21 MB free disc space
DirectX 9.0


Developed by: Sarbakan, Inc.
Published by: GameHouse, Inc.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 2.95
  • 2.95
Anonymous - Oct 21, 2011 -
This game is suitable for kids....
Anonymous - Jul 24, 2011 -
i liked it alot. thought it was fun.
Anonymous - Jan 21, 2011 -
Not hard, but not all that enjoyable either. There are so many features that make other TM games more exciting to play than this one and I LOVE theme parks...just not this one! lol
Anonymous - Dec 5, 2010 -
I love TM games and this one is way to easy for me. Maybe if you are new to TM games you might like it but for me it just got boring and I unstalled the game after level 5.
Anonymous - Sep 12, 2010 -
this game is terrible. I deleted it after the first level its so boring! if you want a fun game try life quest or the flying trapezes. those are fun games!


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