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terisgames - Jun 11, 2021 -
Doesn't work properly. Some moves are being placed where I want them to go. This is just my first level #122. Will not play this game.
Anonymous - Apr 3, 2017 -
Yeah I agree with below comment. It would be useful to at least show where the last pieces are missing for the final tiny ones. Good game though, addicting for sure. This game has 170 levels.
Anonymous - Feb 26, 2017 -
I love this game! It did reset for me after 170-something levels, but I will admit that I was ready to go back to some simpler mosaics. Those last ones are pretty intricate, and I had to zoom in my screen to the pieces. I do wish it had an auto-fill option for when there are only one-unit spaces left. For one, it would save my hands from cramping on the really intricate mosaics. For two, it would keep my eyes from crossing when I can't find that last blasted empty slot to finish the mosaic!
Anonymous - Aug 2, 2016 -
Does anyone know how many level this game has? I got to 167 then it reset.
Anonymous - May 11, 2016 -
Inspiring game! Maybe I will create an online version for puzzlopia! It is strange to see a flash game, tough!


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