Farm Craft 2: Global Vegetable Crisis

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Farm Craft 2: Global Vegetable Crisis

Uncover a global agricultural conspiracy!
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Game Info & Requirements

Farm Craft 2: Global Vegetable Crisis

There's something suspicious about the Miracle Cucumber Corporation and its giant fruits and veggies. Ginger's back on the farm planting, growing, and investigating the shady agro-operation. Use your time management skills to plant, grow, and harvest crops and care for livestock. Then search for objects, play arcade mini-games to get to the root of the conspiracy, and save the world! The full version of Farm Craft 2: Global Vegetable Crisis features:

  • Mixed gameplay
  • 25 awards to win
  • An agro conspiracy to uncover!

Get growing - and investigating - to help Ginger save the world when you download the free trail of Farm Craft 2: Global Vegetable Crisis today!

Help Ginger defeat the menacing Agrocorporate when you play the original Farm Craft!


Use the mouse to plant and harvest crops, care for livestock, and buy supplies and upgrades. Play mini-games between levels to uncover the conspiracy!

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
800 MHz processor
256 MB RAM
16 MB video RAM
205 MB free disc space
DirectX 8.1


Developed and Published by: Nevosoft Inc.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.78
  • 3.78
CraftQueen - May 2, 2021 -
A great sequel that improved a lot of gameplay problems the first one was lacking, but created bugs with the sprinklers not working. Animal carers and the endless mode at the end were great. The voice acting was much better this time around, however, I felt the ending wasn't right... Spoilers - The bad guy ends up saving the crisis and Ginger resigns and finds "enlightenment"? Uhmm... okay then...
Anonymous - Sep 12, 2016 -
All new levels. Some as short as one minute. The ending was terribly abrupt. The game play is fantastic. In free play, you can get too many employees, and it will crash. Three levels will truly test your management abilities, resource and time. Fabulous follow up in terms of game play.
Anonymous - Oct 9, 2015 -
This is a good game in terms of gameplay. It's fun, and challenging. However, the ENDING IS HORRIBLE! I have never been so disappointed with a story. And that coming from a professional writer (who is probably a good deal older than the target audience, to be fair). Grr, Nevosoft. You played with my heart. *_*
Anonymous - Mar 10, 2015 -
it quite different from other, I think. need improvement in terms of sound effects. but I like it.
Anonymous - Mar 10, 2015 -
it was something different from other game, I think. when you complete the game and play at freedom! chapter and you buy a lot stuff the chime bell sound effect like not want to stop.


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