Escape the Office

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Categories: Hidden Object Strategy
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Geepus - May 2, 2021 -
Maybe my browser is not correctly set up for Ruffle. All I see is a large black square.
Anonymous - Sep 20, 2019 -
I am obviously too stupid to crack the code on the safe! Derek's special day, I've tried every combo of numbers that I can think of! ****ing me off. Makes no sense!
Anonymous - Jan 4, 2019 -
This is a GREAT puzzle game! Got out of the Office, the Car & am still working on the freezer.
Anonymous - Jan 2, 2019 -
It looks to me to be a scavenger hunt to get out of the office. I have collected the scissors, stapler, note card, gold key, gray key & a power cord. I found the password to get into the computer and now am working out the code to the safe. Mind boggling.
Anonymous - Nov 18, 2018 -
How are you supposed to play this?


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