Edward & The Strange Invasion

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Categories: Strategy
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Anonymous - Nov 21, 2014 -
"fire up the weed wacker" halarious
Anonymous - Nov 10, 2013 -
An impressively extensive plot, 2 informants, 5 weapons, a horde of slightly wonky-looking monsters, and you. Honestly, this game surprised me. But as for the night mission, just kill the monsters when the woman tells you too, then stick around until she appears again.
Anonymous - Aug 16, 2013 -
Anonymous - Aug 4, 2013 -
I tried until i got the weed whacker & killed a "thing", but using arrows is not my kinda game. others may like it, but I prefer playing games using the mouse
Anonymous - Aug 2, 2013 -
what the hell what do u do


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