Dream Cars

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Dream Cars

Smashingly Fun!
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Game Info & Requirements

Dream Cars

Their names are Dasha and Masha and they like the cars that go zoom! Use your time management skills to build custom cars for your clients. Use the money you make to upgrade your shop with more car types, wheels, colors, and add extras to make your showroom shine! Unlock racing levels as you go, and put the pedal to the metal on the track! The full version of Dream Cars features:

  • Tons of time management gameplay
  • 10 racing mini-games
  • Lots of shop and car upgrades

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Use the mouse to build cars, serve customers, and play racing mini-games. Buy upgrades for your cars and shop.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista
800 MHz processor
256 MB RAM
32 MB video RAM
102 MB free disc space
DirectX 8


Developed by: BLAM! Games
Published by: Alawar Entertainment, Inc.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.67
  • 3.67
Anonymous - Jan 21, 2011 -
Not my cup of tea. I like TM games, but the strange translations were just a bit off-putting. Not exciting enough to keep my interest.
Anonymous - Nov 15, 2010 -
glitch glitch and more glitches. game wouldnt load fully . i watched the story at the beginning and then it went to a screen with masha and dasha and all it said was EXIT. the translations in the story were quite amusing tho. SW you should check your game better before putting them out to the public.
Anonymous - Aug 27, 2010 -
this game has to many glitches and you can't make the money in the time frame no matter what you do. i don't think it was tested. What a waste of time.
Anonymous - Jul 23, 2010 -
I am giving this game 5 stars simply based on the fact that I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. The game bored me but the translations were a hoot!!
Anonymous - Jul 11, 2010 -
I'm confused...what bad translation? I never hear anyone speak in all the levels I have played...there is just music!!! But I am frustrated because I am stuck on a level midway and can't possibly make the timeframe they give you to get the amount of $$...HAS ANYONE FINISHED THIS GAME????


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