Double Bros

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Anonymous - Mar 24, 2014 -
It lagz a little bit but the game is definitely awesome just needz more levels
Anonymous - Feb 8, 2014 -
This I s a great game to make you think. It is fun a challenging to get your left and right hands to work independently. I liked the music.
Anonymous - Feb 6, 2014 -
I really enjoyed the difficulty of controlling two characters at once! It is a cool concept I would enjoy seeing more of in games. It really does test your concentration.
Anonymous - Feb 4, 2014 -
Yet another game that won't load after the advertisement plays. For the person who assumed I was a child and needed an "older brother or sister" to help me "install a new browser", I hope that person sees this as I can't communicate directly. I'd just like everyone to know that I'm not a child in need of help, I'm well over 18, almost double that. Thank you.
Anonymous - Feb 4, 2014 -
Not to mention it seems stupid and the music fairly annoying (can't disable it ingame, have to go to the levels screen), it's really tedious having to control two brothers at the same time. If you have trouble loading the game, try a different browser.
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