Diva Days

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Anonymous - May 25, 2016 -
This game is a bit taxing but once you get the hang of it its quite fun here are some tips 1 if your diva fires you before choosing another go home and rest and get your stats up the second is keep their meter between the yellow and the green at all times if it goes over don't do any more task because they will fire you and only do extra networking if they are between the yellow and the green
Anonymous - Mar 6, 2016 -
I think I like this game
Anonymous - Feb 20, 2016 -
This is really great game! Too bad I had to remove 2 stars because of the glitching and freezing. I had to refresh the page several times because of this... It becomes annoying.
Anonymous - Feb 12, 2016 -
I got my star to full total success! It took over an hour but it worked! I got discouraged by the reviews saying they got fired right when they were going to level up, but I got past A and to the whole career path. It's possible guys just be patient!.
Anonymous - Oct 17, 2015 -
Not bad game but i for some reason always get fired right after they level up or i buy them food


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