Detective Stories: Hollywood

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Detective Stories: Hollywood

Solve Tinseltown's latest mystery!
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Game Info & Requirements

Detective Stories: Hollywood

Hollywood is in a tizzy! A famous actress, $10 million in cash, and the only copy of a highly anticipated film are missing. Search scenes to find evidence. Put the clues together and play mini-games to further your investigation and crack Tinseltown's most intriguing case yet! The full version of Detective Stories: Hollywood features:

  • 160 challenging levels
  • Several hidden object games
  • Exciting mini-games

Become a sleuthing superstar when you play today!


Use the mouse to play mini games and find the hidden pieces of various objects. When objects are assembled, place them where they belong or use them to solve a puzzle.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows Me/2000/XP/Vista
600 MHz processor
128 MB RAM
DirectX 7
32 MB video RAM
57 MB of free disc space


Developed by: DayTerium
Published by: Nevosoft Inc.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.32
  • 3.32
Anonymous - Mar 27, 2016 -
I wasn't sure if I liked this game or not, for a while. It was long, and challenging, but I couldn't stop playing, even though I had to replay some parts of it several times to beat the clock. There was no relaxed mode. I liked the mini-games, but skipped most of the dialogue as there was too much of that. Otherwise, lots of HOG's (word objects and silhouettes), find the differences between 2 pics, puzzles (move tiles and rotate tiles). It was very good.
Anonymous - Apr 15, 2013 -
Two strikes right off the bat: it's timed and the objects are in pieces. bleh
Anonymous - Apr 8, 2012 -
I know right? All the games that seem like they might be mysteries are hidden object games. Try Nancy Drew - it has a little bit of hidden object - but not much, besides finding things isn't meant to be hard, you just wave your mouse around until something sparkles. It's more about the content, less about, "where is the duck?".
Anonymous - Mar 16, 2012 -
Why...why...why r all the detective games,mystery games,scary games etc... all hidden object games????????? Anyone know of a good detective game,mystery game,scary game's etc... that r NOT a hidden object games???? pls help
Anonymous - Mar 15, 2011 -
I thought this game was a lame duck. Boring. I tried playing several times but finally deleted because it didn't have much of a story and was only HO.


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