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snarkieone - Nov 30, 2021 -
This is a tough little game. Finding the correct answer requires figuring out and then also finding a second word to go with the name for the picture. With the added word to each picture, I think playing with the same rules as Icon Daily Word Search would be very heard to find and maybe to hard for just relaxing. I would do better if I were playing first thing in the morning.
Tagged as: Challenging
MSFinMKE - Oct 16, 2021 -
1:32.47 for hard
MSFinMKE - Sep 27, 2021 -
1:58.29 for hard
MSFinMKE - Aug 31, 2021 -
:59.88, new PB
1DeadParrot - Jul 28, 2021 -
I guess Caterpillar is spelled Bug here.


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