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thePuzzMaster - Oct 19, 2022 -
PennyQ - both are acceptable, with 'aluminum' being the preferred spelling in North America. Happy puzzling!
PennyQ - Sep 15, 2022 -
Grrr - it's aluminium not "aluminum"
lady13bug - Aug 21, 2022 -
forgot to pause for paws new cats were going to jump om my older one - had to intercede
Tagged as: Addictive
lady13bug - Jul 13, 2022 -
Tagged as: Addictive
susanag2012 - Mar 23, 2022 -
Hello SLOWSKID! I hope your eyes recover soon. I understand how you feel: when I play Daily Diff, most of the time my eyes are full of tears due to chronic conjunctivitis (I'm too old, obviously!) and lately I find it hard to see the differences between the images with the zoom set to 50%. Even though I play just for fun and SW games help me focus my brain on things other than my daily worries, most times I decide not to submit my score because compared to the scores from two years ago, I find it embarrassing to see them. Hug!
Tagged as: Challenging


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