Daily Room Escape

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maryannc - Jan 15, 2022 -
Mixing it up some with how things were hidden...nice! Wasn't the usual rut that things had gotten into.
Tagged as: Challenging
tessatune - Jan 12, 2022 -
Not a big deal, but I didn't make the list of times, even though it said I was #6. I am tessatune, not pete714
tkae - Dec 9, 2021 -
Always a good game. But, did anyone else have trouble getting the final word answer? I think I tried every possible word. Stumped! (12/09/2021)
jcmax - Dec 6, 2021 -
Found all the clues and gems but never could find the 5th letter. Did figure out the word using Word Finder.
jcmax - Nov 8, 2021 -
Missing Flashlight for battery, 1 set of numbers, one gem. found 4 letters and figured out word. Crazy one today.


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