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genealace - Jun 7, 2023 -
33.26 placed 16/43. Don't want to upset all you cat people, but having a cat to catch the stray mouse wouldn't work in my house as I really don't like cats, apart from the fact that I'm allergic to them. Having to stay indoors today and for a couple of days - with 10 as the highest poor air quality we are at 10+ today from the smoke from all the wildfires that are burning, many out of control.
momsearch - Jun 7, 2023 -
Sinfreecats, I try to buy deer resistance flowers. This is the first year of many that the deer have bothered the flowers. The deer are also eating the tops off of my pink & white phlox. 23.34, 4/26
WildGooseChase - Jun 7, 2023 -
I think I do worse when I read the comments before I play! All over the place this morning. Truly, the best way to keep mice out of the house is a cat. Not for everyone but they work.
Tagged as: Quick
Sinfreecats - Jun 7, 2023 -
Momsearch, I'd never heard of Asian lilies until Saturday when I bought some bulbs for my front garden how funny, luckily no deer in this part of Scotland :)
orinocowomble - Jun 7, 2023 -
41s, 4/7. That large airplane doesn't look like paper to me.


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