Daily Jigsaw: Animals

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jbholly - Dec 3, 2022 -
Whew - took me quite a long time to do the butterfly because my mouse was slow & jerky at moving the pieces and finally I realized the battery was about to die; so had to go find some to get me back to puzzling - Viola!
joniboo1 - Dec 3, 2022 -
16.00 to complete this beautiful butterfly.
Tagged as: Addictive, Great Graphics, Quick
Zirphie - Dec 3, 2022 -
Pretty picture of the butterfly. Quite difficult for me today. Yes, looking properly, that does seem to be a hare!
jbholly - Dec 2, 2022 -
Think that perhaps this is a hare versus a bunny because it has floppy ears; no matter which, it is too cute for words.
joniboo1 - Dec 2, 2022 -
Cute, fluffy little bunny completed in 11.27.
Tagged as: Addictive, Great Graphics, Quick


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