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Sinfreecats - Mar 26, 2023 -
wvdeedee to be fair you Americans have preserved a lot of the English language that we Brits have mangled i.e. honor which we now spell honour - Shakespeare spelled it honor and he should know LOL
wvdeedee - Mar 25, 2023 -
Sinfreecats, I can't imagine trying to figure out all our American idiosyncrasies, spellings and word usages. Born and raised in the U.S. and there's a lot of our language and grammar that still baffle me. A good weekend to you also.
Sinfreecats - Mar 25, 2023 -
wvdeedee, sorry haven't read the reviews in a few days, that was the supposed error, you would think I would remember it's an American site after all these years LOL, have a good weekend.
wvdeedee - Mar 19, 2023 -
At least, here in the states it is.
wvdeedee - Mar 19, 2023 -
Sinfreecats, if it's the one I think you are meaning that is not a spelling mistake. That actually is what that game is called, with an "s" not a "t".


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