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We're sorry, this flash game has been discontinued. We suggest this game instead!

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AntNene - Apr 6, 2021 -
Bbb, if you ever check, some of us are playing the puzzle that replaced the regular puzzle. Click on the green puzzle to find us.
Batgirl1979 - Apr 6, 2021 -
I'm so sad that all of my fave daily games are gone. Is there no alternative to flash?
wvdeedee - Jan 10, 2021 -
So sad!! Hoping to see everyone on other games.
joniboo1 - Jan 10, 2021 -
Not again!!!
caper0318 - Jan 10, 2021 -
I am not surprised that the puzzle is gone, but I am sad to see it end. wvdeedee, I have not received an email yet from AntNene. I will give it a few more days and then get in touch with her.


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