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Anonymous - Feb 1, 2015 -
its ok just the demo its to short, isnt that addictive cause i dont really have full control of the game, i just pressed start day and made my bartenders 40 % management 40% and the 20% to executive and made alot of cash in a few days but everything else depends on random choices i guess not sure its like press start day to see if the rusian roullete fails
Anonymous - Oct 19, 2014 -
Too easy. finished in hours. Maybe something more challenging net time hmmm???
Anonymous - Mar 18, 2014 -
i beat the game in 10 minutes..... downloading it now to see if it's any different it probably isn't.
Anonymous - Jun 29, 2013 -
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Anonymous - Feb 2, 2013 -
Played this game once on here and instantly had to order it! Great game, just started playing the full version! It's even better than the demo!


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