Cinema Tycoon™

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Cinema Tycoon™

Are you movie mogul material?
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Game Info & Requirements

Cinema Tycoon™

Here's your chance to become a movie mogul! Pick blockbuster hits and avoid the flops, manage employees, make theater upgrades - anything you have to do to build your mighty mega-plex empire!

Are you ready for Hollywood? Play Cinema Tycoon™ Gold today!

Want an encore? Play Cinema Tycoon™ 2.


Use the mouse to make selections and manage your movie theater.

For more detailed instructions, see in-game help.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows Me, 2000, NT 4.0, or XP
Pentium III 800 MHz or higher
128 MB RAM
14 MB free hard disk space
8-bit graphics card with minimum 800 x 600 resolution

Online Requirements:
Internet Explorer v.5.01 or higher

TikGames' Game Controller is required to play this game online. If you do not have this controller installed, you will be prompted to download it when launching the game.


Developed by: TikGames, LLC

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janicekristy - Jan 12, 2022 -
Why is it asking me for a license key when I am a paying member? Get with the program shockwave, honestly I'm thinking of not renewing my membership.
janicekristy - Dec 22, 2021 -
I am a shockwave unlimited member and this game won't load for me. Why? It keeps saying it doesn't recognize my license key but why do I need one if I'm a shockwave unlimited member
Anonymous - Jan 12, 2015 -
Grrr! Why can't they have this game on Chrome browser!!!
Anonymous - Aug 20, 2013 -
S/W: Will YOU please STOP featuring games that require Add-ons B4 one can play?!? This is the 5th game I've selected to play in the last .5hr & CAN'T! Not ALL of us want to clutter up our hard drives w/ small pieces of s/w OR have the where-with-all to accept d/loads. IF your older games don't feature standardized items such as Adobe Player 10.0 or 12.0, etc., then they should be brought up to spec. I'm beginning to get annoyed!!! "We are NOT amused."
Anonymous - Apr 26, 2013 -
So Easy!!


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