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Anonymous - Oct 6, 2015 -
Someone help. I just can't get past the 9th level. Seems like blowing up chickens ain't my thing. Still cute, and this make me giggle some. ^-^ *3 10/10
Anonymous - Dec 27, 2013 -
So far this was the best game ever from addicting games..a job well done
Anonymous - Apr 9, 2013 -
Bad due to how short and easy it is, only 20 levels, it also it very mean to animal-lovers since the goal is to KILL the baby chicks.
Anonymous - Jan 28, 2013 -
So supa-cute! I love the colourful cartoony graphics and nifty game play. All those poor sticky chew chew chickies. XD
Anonymous - Nov 12, 2012 -
really good, but waaaay too short D:


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