Castle Tales

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Categories: Puzzle Strategy
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Anonymous - Feb 26, 2019 -
won't load
Anonymous - May 26, 2015 -
Cute game. Not terribly difficult. Finished in under an hour. Bit of a brain teaser but not so frustrating.
Anonymous - Jan 30, 2015 -
The hardest level is 63, can't get the order they need to fall in. Completed this game (except for the last level in less than an hour).
Anonymous - Apr 7, 2014 -
Cute characters & for ONCE, a strategy-puzzle game that I can finally succeed at! Either that, or I've just failed so often on the other ones that this one came 'naturally' for me! However, STUCK on level 39! But, it's late & am tired. Maybe later we'll try again.
Anonymous - Aug 16, 2013 -


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