Carrie the Caregiver Daily - Episode 1

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The Article 19 Group - Jun 6, 2021 -
This is a 1-level daily game, not the full 50-level game that is available for download...
holicaust - Jun 1, 2021 -
I really enjoy this game, but I am unsure as to why it only seems to be one playable level. As soon as I finish the level I press continue, but it takes me back to the home screen every time. This even happens to me in endless mode. Very frustrating and basically makes the game unplayable.
Anonymous - Jun 23, 2020 -
It's an alright game but would be so much better without the lag. When it lags, the clock on the babies continues which is annoying.
Anonymous - May 29, 2020 -
I don't know if it's the ads or the game itself, but it lags waaayyyy too often. The game hesitates, but somehow the clock on the babies keeps rolling, so even if the game freezes (which I suspect is due to the ads) the babies' clock is still running against you.
Anonymous - Apr 23, 2020 -
I had to play the game and the ads. Too many ads rotating through.


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