Bug Breaker

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Anonymous - Feb 18, 2018 -
omg snooze......
Anonymous - Jun 13, 2017 -
I can hardly believe this but after YEARS of playing, I FINALLY busted level 45!!!! 46 is pretty difficult.. might be a few more years.
Anonymous - Feb 18, 2016 -
Does anyone know if it is really possible to get past level 45?
Anonymous - Mar 1, 2015 -
I've been stuck on level 41 for a couple of years now, resigned to the fact that I will never leave it. That said, I still play this game every time I can. Addictive, yes-mindless, yes. Challenging, obviously. I'll be back. =)
Anonymous - Dec 9, 2014 -
I have been playing this game (dumb game) for years and I am addicted but cannot for the life of me get past level 45.


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