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Anonymous - Oct 2, 2020 -
I hope everyone enjoys the new flash-free version of Bubblez. Please contact us directly through the contact form if you have any feedback or technical issues.
Anonymous - Jun 7, 2020 -
I agree with other players that the game goes back to the beginning when you reach a certain level. Clusterz game does the same thing. Frustrating when you try so hard.
Anonymous - Mar 18, 2020 -
Level 40 is rigged so that you cannot get passed it.
Anonymous - Feb 12, 2019 -
I have played this game for for a long time and got to level 40. All of a sudden every time I play it goes back to the beginning where I have to pick a name and start at level 1. It has done this several times now. Getting tired of starting over every time.
Anonymous - Aug 9, 2017 -
Game has been better lately. The bubbles hesitate sometimes, but the game hasn't frozen up and I've been able to finish it. I'm back up to level 33, I think. I'm addicted once again. :)


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