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Boompa - Sep 20, 2022 -
1.3 million. Nice game Trey
Boompa - Sep 14, 2022 -
Got to level 228 today. 7,585,506 points. That's my new highest level, but not as many points as my record of over 8,300,000. Went and read all the comments today too. Seems a lot of people are frustrated with a truly skill oriented difficult game. It is soooo simple, just shoot there of the same color together. But that's like saying it's easy to play the violin, just hold down a string and drag the bow across. I've been playing Bubble Spinner since 2013, but those new to the game could use a few hints for doing better. Basics, make sure you hit the target. If you can't put three to gather put two together. And learn how to hit your target by firing directly, bouncing off a wall, two walls, or even three walls when you get better. There's some more about strategy in a few earlier comments I made too. Love this game! Give me some competition.
Boompa - Aug 31, 2022 -
To clear the board faster, more efficiently, look toward the center. Shoot toward the center area when you can because it can eliminate large chunks of bubbles at a time. But as always, it is a balance, so don't forget to keep the arms short and turn the wheel the right direction.
Boompa - Aug 29, 2022 -
So what does it take to do well at Bubble Spinner? 1) shooting accurately. Aim for 95% accuracy. Missing your shot is often the worst thing you can do. Most of the time it will take at least three shots to just get back to where you were before you missed. 2) Remember to spin the board the right direction to make the next shot easier. 3) Watch the whole board, tp keep the arms short, not just one side. 4) Take it seriously. it may get tiring if you are playing for quite a while, but don't get casual in your efforts. You need to pay close attention to all these strategies.
Boompa - Aug 26, 2022 -
It's hard and not always possible to use less than 50 shots to clear the board. That's because each level has its bubbles arranged randomly. So some levels are easier, some harder. The difficulty does not increase with how many levels you reach.


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