Break in the Road

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Categories: Music & Photos Puzzle
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We're sorry, this flash game has been discontinued. We suggest this game instead!

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Anonymous - Dec 25, 2014 -
very good game you can use anything to make sound i love it
Anonymous - Apr 7, 2013 -
So Cool
Anonymous - Jan 5, 2013 -
Do they even care of fixing GARAGE STREET!!!! It is still fun.
Anonymous - Dec 5, 2012 -
I can't believe Garage Street is still broken :( I've been gone from this game for almost year. I suspect part of the reason I never seem to get the crowd's approval is because I'm missing essential sounds from Garage Street. Otherwise, this is a great game.
Anonymous - Nov 24, 2012 -
a good game. great for cultivating your creativity! TIP:collect as many sounds you can and just mix them haphazardly...then play it in the club.


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