Blocky 2

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We're sorry, this flash game has been discontinued. We suggest this game instead!

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Anonymous - Nov 17, 2017 -
Is there a point to this game? DB2
Anonymous - Sep 16, 2016 -
Heh, great mindless game for people without enough pressure or stress in their lives lol. Better hand/eye coordination than I have would be helpful. :D
Anonymous - Oct 24, 2013 -
Oh No! I have been well and truly usurped. Nice to see you're still in there bugdraw. The grasshopper is really green with .......
Anonymous - Nov 6, 2012 -
as i go thru day, i keep wanting to group things. that majic box, how big can it go? fun game!
Anonymous - Aug 31, 2012 -
Yay! I beat it in one go! Wasn't expecting that; it was quite tricky.


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