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Anonymous - May 14, 2020 -
can't go to full screen mode, very hard to play now. I used to love to play. not so much now.
Anonymous - Apr 18, 2019 -
I have played this game for years but I'm now disappointed as I have not been able to enter the full screen mode for months. Makes it difficult to play when you're using a smaller screen.
Anonymous - Jan 1, 2019 -
Been playing the game for about 3 years off and on...mostly on because this game is so addicting! Always something new going on and some new challenge being offered. Very rarely any bugs or issues within the game.
Anonymous - Dec 29, 2018 -
My farm up & disappeared for NO Reason. Also, have NO F'n plans to use ANY of my real world cash to purchase ANYTHING!!! Basically cannot afford. IF game cannot be played & advance thru levels with ONLY the assets earned IN the game, then I want NOTHING to do w/ it. Which sounds like I'll fail at least One Task. F'n stupid. DB2 Oh, Also MADE me create a brand new Login ID, as it said I already existed, but then said I didn't when I followed steps to retrieve & reset P/W.
Anonymous - May 5, 2018 -
The first time I played this I got to level 38 before the game locked up and then deleted all my farms and made me start over. This time I have made it to level 32 before I was priced out of any expansion. Beginning to look as though if I don't spend any real money on fake game gold then I simply don't get to advance.


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