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8owa - Sep 15, 2021 -
Hey! something is wrong here. I was on level 39 and today I was mved back to level 34
DoodleBugg2 - Jun 15, 2021 -
AGAIN!!! ANOTHER single player that's been "converted" to a "challenge" version!!! Which S**KS BIG TIME!!! And, ANOTHER REASON TO CANCEL my paid membership!!! NOT coming back to this previously favorite game. S/W the strike list against membership is growing. DB2
Anonymous - Oct 9, 2020 -
For any frequent players, we will be updating this game on the 14th to a flash free version. Any saved data will not be transferred over. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Anonymous - Feb 13, 2015 -
Level 16 is beatable. I'm stuck on 18. I beat 16 at least once a week. Other systems save your game level - games**** and aol. Try Bubblez and Beadz 2, also.
Anonymous - Jan 25, 2015 -
can't get passed level 16....impossible. Don't expect to keep your scores for some reason this game won't, so expect to have to start from the begining again ofter logging off.


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