Barn Yarn

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Anonymous - Sep 11, 2018 -
This game is not correctly reporting coin amounts. I get all the coins before I ever accept money for sales, so I know how much it should be. It is shorting by about half.
Anonymous - Jun 16, 2017 -
there is a DOWNLOAD button bottom left of main page
Anonymous - Apr 18, 2017 -
*DoodleBogg2 You can also just try to acess a menu in the Extras Menu to get the option to download as well so you dont have to beat a level to find it.
Anonymous - Dec 3, 2016 -
KARENBZ: The option to download comes up after you've played the 1st round, & periodically after as u progress through the levels. Hope this helps. DB2
Anonymous - Nov 24, 2016 -
This game used to be a download.... where did the download go?


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