The Adventures of Perseus

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The Adventures of Perseus

Journey back to the time of the Greek gods and join Perseus on his exciting adventures through the mythical world of ancient Greece.
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Game Info & Requirements

The Adventures of Perseus

Help Perseus defend his honor by mastering Match-3 puzzles as well as a variety of mini-games. Challenge yourself to different game modes and difficulty levels to make yourself part of the myth. Collect artifacts along your way and help build up an ancient city. Will you be able to win the favor of gods and use their patronage to overcome the obstacles in front of you?


Use the mouse to match three gems to remove them from the field. See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10
2 GHz processor
DirectX 9.0c
256 MB video RAM
275 MB free disk space


Developed by: PixQuake
Published by: Immanitas Entertainment GmbH

Ratings & Reviews

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dandeliondiva - May 2, 2021 -
I like the art and the game play.
turtle01 - May 2, 2021 -
Totally enjoyed this game
gonow66 - May 2, 2021 -
Do9wnloaded but the game didn´t play. Computer is updated, on´t kno9w the problem.
AllTrueSagg - May 2, 2021 -
I liked having different match3 in one game. I usually play games once, but this one I play again & again.
mamasue4 - May 2, 2021 -
Enjoying this game, I like having different ways of matching. Nice music, relaxing.


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