10 Days to Save the World

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10 Days to Save the World

Use your sleuthing skills to save the planet!
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Game Info & Requirements

10 Days to Save the World

Severe natural disasters, like drought and flood, are suddenly plaguing the globe in mass proportion. Meanwhile the mysterious amulet that Diana Salinger found while hunting for treasure has begun to vibrate and glow. Hurry along with Diana and her team as they race to prevent a global disaster from ending the world! Search through Mayan ruins and discover the secrets of an ancient past to learn about the future. Solve intricate riddles, perform mysterious rituals, and find out why the government is tracking your every move! The full version of 10 Days to Save the World features:

  • Interactive hidden object gameplay
  • Lots of riddles to solve
  • An engaging storyline

Solve an ancient mystery to save the planet when you download the free trial of 10 Days to Save the World today!


Use the mouse to explore your surroundings, locate hidden objects, solve puzzles, and play mini-games.

See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista
600 MHz processor
256 MB RAM
32 MB Video RAM
88 MB free disc space
DirectX 9


Developed and Published by: FlyWheel Games

Ratings & Reviews

  • Average Rating:
  • 3.03
  • 3.03
Anonymous - Apr 5, 2014 -
When the game starts it was hard to know what to look for, either the object was real easy to find or in the dark. Hint button takes a long time to recharge and I used it more than I wanted to. I tried more than once to play the game but got bored with it.
Anonymous - Sep 3, 2012 -
uninstalled after 5 min. really didnt get why you would want to play!
Anonymous - Aug 28, 2012 -
This was a great game, kept; me interested for hours. Bring on more of the 10 day games.
Anonymous - Jan 14, 2012 -
This game was so easy I finished it the night I downloaded it. It had no ending and was to easy for me.
Anonymous - Oct 23, 2010 -
I was all set to give this 4 stars cuz it was so much more fun than the first one in the series and then I got to the end and it was no ending at all...maybe the next one in the series will be better, sigh.


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