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Why are Shockwave and NickMom partnering?

Let's go back to the beginning. Shockwave has been providing the best, free online games since 1998. We joined MTV Networks and the Nickelodeon family in 2006, which meant we were able to bring you even more of what you love - whether it was games to get your brain buzzing, your daily dose of fun, or games to help you unwind. Fast forward to 2012, and there's a new kid on the playground that we think is pretty cool: NickMom.

NickMom is Nickelodeon's new destination for all things funny, just for moms. You'll find LOL original videos, photos and contests with a community of women celebrating momkind one funny moment at a time.
So Shockwave and NickMom are partnering to bring you even better, funnier games. Along with those games, you'll also get fresh new content and activities, and a community where you can share your own funnies. We think it's a win-win, and we hope you will, too.

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How does it affect me?

The quick answer: It doesn't! Other than our fresh, new look, the games you love are all still here. If you're a Shockwave UNLIMITED member, your subscription will continue to function exactly as it always has. Your login info will stay the same, and there will be no change to the price of your subscription. You'll find all of your tokens, trophies and high scores right where they've always been. You'll also now have access to NickMom's hilarious photos, videos, and posts.

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But, I'm not a mom!

What's in a name? We know not all of you are moms...or even women! We're hoping that you'll still stay for our great games, and maybe check out some of the new things NickMom is bringing to the table. NickMom isn't your average "mom site", so take a look at some of the videos and stories and tell us you're not laughing. We dare you.

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