Extreme QB Challenge

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Categories: Sports, Action, Shooters
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High Scores

Rank Name Score
1 daywilt 40,190 points
2 PJSiekierski 36,670 points
3 chadl285 35,885 points
4 duece51 34,690 points
5 DeRrekK92 32,965 points
6 DanJuanita 32,940 points
7 schmooze 31,255 points
8 ZookTheTerrible 31,125 points
9 william12 29,925 points
10 buffjunkie 27,540 points
11 mrainphilly 8,525 points
12 hendricksfam 8,310 points
13 4293w 4,650 points
14 Lerxst2112 1,315 points
15 chris1 1,200 points
16 SmartFrog 660 points
17 poorrich25 10 points

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