Lt. Fly vs The Spiders from Above

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Categories: Matching, Shooters, Action
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High Scores

Rank Name Score
1 KIDDDDD 1,618,520 points
2 kidgolf4477 1,385,755 points
3 kledger 1,249,835 points
4 ilse111 611,210 points
5 Roadburns 317,555 points
6 rcj2 186,860 points
7 gismo13 128,175 points
8 ALYEPage16 81,280 points
9 Deshaunawalker 31,815 points
10 hotredmary 22,340 points
11 daywalker1919 16,805 points
12 corine0444 16,475 points
13 DanielBeimers2 11,240 points
14 Smileykoala 1,190 points

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